“P.T.S.D. is NOT about what’s wrong with you, it IS about what happened to you”

We offer a very effective NLP technique to beat PTSD which focuses on Process NOT Content. Process is the ‘bigger’ picture, whilst Content are the details and events (which is what traditional therapy looks at). The technique we use has numerous benefits:

1. It’s a technique which is proven to work safely and quickly.
2. The ‘Self-Help’ element enables you to buy into your own recovery which is good for self-esteem.
3. It helps You, and therefore helps your family and the wider community.
4. Fewer sessions means less cost to You and/or Mental Health Services  resources.
5. “Feels good, is good for you, serves others and serves the world”

Our aim is to create ‘Order from Disorder’ and provide you with the means to consign your trauma to where it no longer shapes/affects your day to day life. We do this in 3-4 therapy sessions over a 2/3-week period with therapy and progress updates – making notes of changes as you evolve and symptoms and effects are reduced. It is also about providing you with a ‘Self-Help Toolkit’ going forward. We also have a simple Meditation Exercise which is very helpful.