Just a small and recent selection of what our Clients are saying about our services.

I know Charlie from our time at l’École Supérieure des Armées in Paris. Many years later, he help my business get my fantastic product into Britain by getting us to meet the right people, develop good relationships, advise on marketing and help with presentations. It has been a good collaboration and we are very happy.

‘Vive l’Entente Cordiale’!

Pierre-Louis from Marseille

I put my 7-strong Sales Team through Trilengo’s ‘Be You at Your Best’ Business Training package. It was eye-opening – nearly 2 days cram-packed with really useful content and excellent exercises (especially on rapport and on confidence) – simple and thought provoking. All delivered in an enjoyable, down-to-earth and compelling way. It really is, as Charlie says, a self-help toolkit for life.

Rupert from Central London

I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2016 from my tour in Iraq in 2004. I tried psychotherapy but stopped attending after 6 months as I wasn’t getting any better. The 4 sessions I had with Charlie have made an enormous difference – I can now sleep properly, no longer have issues at home, am working again and don’t get jumpy and anxious. My memories of Iraq are just that – memories. Similar sights, sounds and smell no longer trigger a reaction. I’m ‘me’ again”.

Cpl “X” from the Midlands

My confidence was at a low ebb and I couldn’t seem to see the wood for the trees. Charlie’s no-nonsense but empathetic and friendly manner really helped bolster me. The clever exercises we did have been real ‘game changers’.

Andrew from West London