TRILENGO specialises in helping businesses looking to get to the next level – namely by the exporting/importing of products, services and expertise between the UK, France and Sweden. We can help you reach a better understanding of doing business in France or Sweden and putting you in touch with the right people about your business – “the oil in the wheels”.
We can help you:
  1. Accelerate business growth and become even more profitable;
  2. Develop and reach new markets and market sectors; and
  3. Maximise the potential of your products/services.


  • Turning dreams into reality
  • Vos rêves deviennent la réalité                     That’s our USP
  • Hjälpa Dig på Din nya marknad

To quote UKTI – “BRITAIN IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS”. YOU too can become “the Company from over here that’s also doing rather well over there” Demand for UK products/services has never been greater. UK brands are widely recognised and respected. Demand is out there … you should be too. Furthermore, the current value of £Sterling means that the cost of UK products/services is now much more attractive to foreign businesses and buyers. Successful Exporting requires the ability to understand the culture, language, traditions and business methods as well as being on the same wavelength as your potential customers. By using us, YOU can be taking the Fast Track to success. MINDSET and CULTURE go hand in hand with GROWTH when it comes to doing business abroad.

The rewards of Exporting can be huge. UKTI says “Exporting companies are more productive, innovative and resilient to economic downturns”.
  • It can boost your profile and credibility … and most importantly – your PROFITS;
  • It will open you up to new ideas, new customers and new sources of income;
  • Exposure to new markets means that you don’t ‘have all your eggs in one basket’ and can increase the lifespan of your products/services; and
  • You may already be competing with foreign companies here in the UK … so why not compete with them and beat them on their own turf.
We have a unique and trademarked “ROADMAP FOR GROWTH”. It will take you to the next level by exporting to France and/or Sweden.

1.    R


Creating/fostering a good relationship with your team/staff … but most of all your clients. People don’t just buy ‘stuff’, they buy from people – and truly connecting with people is the most precious skill of all.

2.    O

Look at your competitors here and abroad and make sure that you stand out and that what you offer is a ‘new opportunity’ and not an ‘improvement offer’.

3.    A

Of your brand/product/service. Our trilingual experts can help you become the business “from over here that’s also doing rather well over there” (Lord Hanson)

4.    D

Growing your business. “Exporting is Great” to quote UKTI who also say that businesses that export are innovative, expand the life of their products, future-proof their business and are much more resistant to economic downturns than those that don’t

5.    M

With unique and eye-catching marketing, you’ll be able to flourish – despite outward appearances to the contrary, the French love British products/services. Know and speak to the conversation that’s going on inside the head of your potential client.

6.    A

Besides mindset and language/cultural skills, our USP is our extensive Rolodex of influential contacts across a broad range oftsectors over 30+ years. Sometimes, it’s not just about what you know but who you know that matters.

7.    P

How often do you make a pitch and on one day it works, but the next not? We’ll help you build ‘rapport’, thus making your pitch stand out and improve your chances of ‘sealing the deal’ – it’s often not what you say, but how you say it that matters.
To DEVELOP AND GROW your Business by getting into the French and/or Swedish markets – CONTACT US NOW.