A brilliantly quick Exercise to improve FOCUS and turbo-boost your Concentration and your Performance. It is all about ‘priming’ your day with a Positive Mindset. How often do you feel on top of the world one moment … and then suddenly you can’t seem to get going and are wracked with self-doubt the next? 

A great exercise to ensure that you don’t procrastinate – all about finding ‘the difference that makes the difference’. It may sound a bit ‘woo’, but I can say, as an old-school Yorkshireman, that it really works.

FOCUS is the one thing so often missing – the ability to attend to ‘that one task’ without being side-tracked by other ‘stuff” – which is hardly surprising given the many distractions out there. Many complain that they “can’t see the wood for the trees” and can’t get things done or procrastinate – actually, they simply lack focus.

FOCUS is a skill – it enables you to concentrate on the task at hand without interruption and, like all skills, is one that can be mastered with practice. Just train your “Focus Muscle”.

What you do is as follows:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1.  Draw a 1cm Black Dot onto the middle of a blank sheet of A4 paper and stick onto a wall at eye-level.                                                                                                     2.  Sit or Stand, back straight/relaxed, head up – at least 3-4 feet away.                                                                                                                                                                                  3.  Stare at the Black Dot – and for at least a minute, focus your mind/attention on that Black Dot and nothing else.

If  your mind drifts away to other things – just get back to thinking about nothing other than the Black Dot. Do this once a day till you can focus on it and nothing else for at least 5 minutes. Keep a record of progress. You should be able to crack it within 15 days or so.

FOCUS is what separates really successful people, who seem to have time to get everything done, from the less successful who don’t and who never never seem able to make any significant progress. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to focus more clearly, find solutions more easily and complete tasks much quicker and more effectively than before.

I hope you find this simple Exercise helpful. If you would like to know more about what I can offer, please do not hesitate to explore the Website further or Contact Me by E-mail or by ‘Phone.

And remember – it’s all about YOU “BEING YOU … AT YOUR BEST”